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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

We can't stress it enough. We live in a desert and sun tanning can dry your skin. That's two strikes against us! And if we're over the age of 30, our bodies naturally have less moisture, THAT'S 3 STRIKES!!

This is why it is extremely important to replenish that loss of moisture with professional sun tanning lotions both before and after tanning. Let one of our Tanning Consultants help you find all the products you'll need to keep your skin, and your tan, looking its best!


A moisturizer of some sort should be applied after every sun tanning visit, no matter your skin type or what stage your tan is currently in. That's why tan extenders are a no-brainer; it only makes sense to replenish lost nutrients and moisture to extend your tan.


For a detailed description of each unique tan extender and to decide which will be the best for your tanning goals, please speak to a Tanning Consultant.


Our Norvell Sunless product, Venetian, is infused with Vitamin D3, caffeine and avocado oil, and contains specific ingredients to hydrate, nourish, protect, and soften your skin before, during, and after your Sunless tan. The Venetian is a organic sunless bronzer giving you natural looking color immediately.


The skin on your face is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of skin on your body. You simply cannot treat it the same way you would treat the rest of your skin. Facial lotions have the same basic functions as a body tanning lotion (to moisturize your skin and replenish essential nutrients), but facial lotions are specially formulated to be much gentler on your face. Often the facial lotions will incorporate a bronzer or tint that is more suitable for your face and will concentrate the formula on firming the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   Our favorite for facial skin that does NOT have breakouts is Luminary by Designer Skin.
For the face that has occasional problems, Vanishing Act by Designer Skin, helps to fight blemishes and and clear up breakouts in addition to its bronzing formula which leaves your skin with a glowing, matte finish!

Sun tan extenders are specialized lotions designed to do exactly what their name indicates: extend the life of your sun tan. They are made to replenish your skin with all the nutrients, vitamins, and moisture that is lost during UV exposure. Skin that is healthier and more moisturized will hold a UV tan OR Airbrushed tans for much longer.


Tanning Accelerators and Bronzers are the most popular and most highly recommended type of indoor tanning lotions. We also carry tingles, coolants, and warming products. Read on to see how these lotions differ and how important they all are for getting the results you crave.

Each type of professional tanning lotion has a specific purpose that helps boost your results. 


  • Accelerators - Accelerators, which are usually Level 1 products, help you build your base tan. They deliver essential moisture and nutrients to your skin that will jump-start the tanning process. Naturally, your skin will try to reflect UV rays for as long as it can to prevent sunburn, so when your goal is to develop a tan (or to boost your Vitamin D levels), it is important that your skin is able to absorb and process the UV rays being emitted during your suntan session. By applying an accelerator immediately prior to your suntan session, you allow the UV rays to penetrate your skin and activate melanocyte cells which begins the tanning process right away.  Without professional tanning products, you would be wasting about 6-8 minutes of your session reflecting the UV rays before the tanning process would even begin. A good rule of thumb: Dry skin reflects, moist skin accepts. So lather up to get the best results!

  • Bronzers - Both natural and dark bronzers provide your skin with all of the benefits that accelerators do, but they also contain cosmetic color which provides more instant gratification. Many Level 2 products contain cosmetic bronzers to help boost your tanning potential. These bronzers can be both immediate and delayed, meaning certain bronzing ingredients, like Black Walnut Extract, will give you color that you notice right away and others, like Eurythrolose, will develop over several hours. Have no fear, the professional bronzing tanning lotions we carry will not make you streaky or orange. They contain high quality ingredients which will enhance your results and help you achieve richer, darker color more quickly than accelerators.

  • Level 3 Bronzing lotions can be bronzers or accelerators, and are for regular tanners who have reached a plateau with their current color. They may have developed light base tans, but can't seem to get the deep, dark color they're really after. These products tend to feature high quality skin care ingredients which will provide deeper, longer-lasting moisturiztion, darker bronzer extracts, and perhaps even a bit of tingle factor. They will also contain MAP, or melanin-activating peptides to promote the production of melanin in the skin. These professional tanning products will kick your suntan into overdrive, taking your skin from having a nice bit of color to a deep, dark tan.

  • Tingles - As the name implies, tingle lotions create a 'tingling' sensation in the skin. Some tanners love them, while others hate the feeling. It is a good idea to try a sample packet before purchasing a bottle should you decide to try a Tingle. Tanning products which contain a tingle factor work to enhance your tanning results by bringing more blood to the surface of the skin, and because blood carries oxygen, and UVA rays are capable of oxidizing more melanin with higher oxygen levels present, you get better tanning results. The apparent red coloration to your skin after using a Tingle lotion is due the extra blood near the surface of the skin. The 'tingle factor' can vary from a slight warm feeling to very, very hot prickly sensation. It is important to never use tingle lotions near your eyes or on your face. We only recommend tingle products for the most advanced tanners. 

  • Warming & Cooling - Tanning lotions with warming ingredients are most popular in the winter time. They are sometimes known as the 'non-tingle heat' lotions, meaning they don't cause a tingling sensation or redness, but they do warm up your skin and leave you with a pleasant, radiant feeling that can last a few hours following your suntan session. Coolants have the opposite effect, and tend to be more popular during the summer months, leaving your skin with a menthol-like cool sensation. Warming and cooling lotions are available primarily for the sensory effect, and the features generally do not impact your tanning results. 


Although the lotions listed may be labeled as "accelerators" or "bronzers" or the like, each individual product has a set of advantages and benefits for different skin types. For a detailed description of each unique lotion and to decide which will be the best to use for your tanning goals, please speak to one of our expert Tanning Consultants.

Our product styles vary to offer our clients a wide selection of skin care products at prices to fit every budget. We carry lower priced lotions that still offer great results, fresh and innovative product lines at every price point, and of course we have high-end products for clients who want the best tanning results coupled with the very best in skin care! We also offer fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic products for our clients with sensitive skin.


We don't just want your skin to look great now... We want it to look great 10 years from now!

All of our lotions:


+ Help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles with anti-aging and firming properties

+ Prevent the after-tan odor

+ Enhance tanning results by helping you to tan up to 60% faster. Not using lotion, it will take 7 minutes BEFORE you       start tanning! With lotion you begin to tan in 30 seconds!!!

+ Help your tan last significantly longer

+ Provide the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your skin needs to tan