Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness

***Soon to become "Naked Ambition Salon and Spa"***

The, "Anything I Want Plan"

Created for the person on the go.
You want to use the Hydration Station this week, but want to come use The Silver Bullet next week. Sometime this month you really need to hit the HydroMassage bed and the end of the month you want to use the High Pressure Stand up Booth.....

The Anything I Want Plan is right for you!
This plan gives you 4 sessions on any of the UV beds or booths, Hydration station, HydroMassage, and Spray Tans a month. You have the freedom to design each month as you feel fit.

If you only use 3 sessions one month the 4th session carries over to the next month! All sessions need to be used by the end of your plan.

This is a 6 month membership at only $40/month making each session only $10 (plus tanning tax)!