Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness

***Soon to become "Naked Ambition Salon and Spa"***

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Why us?

At Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness, we are focused on providing  above average services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to beat your expectations.

We are Smart Tan Certified!

Your team has numerous years experience in tanning, product and skin care. Too, your wellness team has gone though certification to help ensure your safety and your well being. Please feel free to ask us about your skin care needs! We are here to help you look and feel great!!

With a variety of services to choose from; tanning, waxing, moisturizing, detoxing, massage and Airbrushing, we’re sure to meet your wellness needs. 

At Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness, you are never just a number nor will you feel like your being pushed through like cattle!

You WILL however feel like you are at home with friends. You find yourself getting to know the team as if they are family. Because, at Endless Summer Tanning & Wellness, you ARE family!

It will not be uncommon for you to find a team member chatting with a guest on the sofa.

Yes, our Door Greeter "Scout", once owned by Modesty now owned by pretty much all of our guests, can many times be found lounging on the carpet with a friend or two!

Some interesting information ...

UVB is a short wave length that stimulates melanin growth

We invest in a 6.5 UVB out put bulb with clearer glass. This gives you a hotter bulb, resulting in a quicker, more natural looking tan!

UVA is a longer wave length that stimulates your melanin to brown!

Your body's NATURAL sun protection is made by the sun